THE ASTHMA COLLECTIVE (tac.) was created by 19-year-old Australian, Valentine Mirzayantz. Growing up with severe chronic asthma, food allergies and anaphylaxis, Valentine’s childhood and young adult years were severely impacted by health issues.

However, in 2019, after years of chronic illness and dependence on steroid medications, Valentine’s condition finally started to improve after she made a very conscious decision to make small but meaningful changes to her life and lifestyle.

These included:

  • Using Chinese medicine and acupuncture (as a support to her mainstream asthma medications) to minimise her symptoms and to restore her immune system;
  • adopting a “clean” Mediterranean-based diet that is both Gluten and (mostly) Dairy-free;
  • and introducing regular breathing exercises and other moderate exercises like Yoga & Pilates into her daily routine.

Whilst asthma is serious and, unfortunately and an incurable disease, Valentine’s health transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Through the creation of THE ASTHMA COLLECTIVE (tac.), she would like to share her journey with others who may be suffering similar health issues.

“My ultimate goal is to create an international movement for asthma sufferers which is more open-minded to the different ways asthmatics can find relief and share information,” says Founder Valentine. “To breathe knowledge, ideas, life and hope into the minds of fellow asthma sufferers to help empower them to make small changes to find relief and feel healthier. Whilst I am no expert and it took me many years to find my own solutions to my asthma and allergies, I feel it is always useful to share information. This is my story, and whilst I know what worked for me may not work for others, it may help inspire others.”

Embarking on Valentine’s health journey, she thought it was extremely important to become confident in carrying her asthma puffer. As Valentine’s usage of steroids and Ventolin growing up was daily, she always felt embarrassed to use her Ventolin or puffers out in public or in front of others. Whilst becoming healthy on the inside was key to her recovery, creating a puffer case she would carry outside was also as important.

 “Health products, life-saving products should not have to be ugly or embarrassing. I empathise with young children, teens and adults, when feeling embarrassed about taking their puffer out in front of strangers, friends and even family. I always felt awkward, even ashamed, and very often kids would make fun of me.”  Creating a fashionable, desirable, beautiful and effective case for asthma puffers was a key part of Valentine’s recovery journey that she is now sharing with you! “I love my SKIN, and l hope you do too!”.

 THE ASTHMA COLLECTIVE shop provides a range of luxe products for asthma sufferers, with more to be released very soon. Among the most popular product is the first-ever vegan leather Asthma “Skin” – luxe cases for asthma puffers that will help asthmatics keep their puffers close at hand, clean and protected whilst looking great too.