Conscious consumption

Valentine Mirzayantz founded THE ASTHMA COLLECTIVE because her primary goal was to share knowledge and her healing journey with fellow asthmatics.

She created tac. in 2020 at the age of 19 after suffering for years from chronic asthma and food allergies.

“When I finally found some solutions to my own chronic bad health and started to feel like a human again, I was just so relieved and excited I wanted to share this information and my journey with other asthmatics,” says Valentine.

“When you suffer from chronic asthma you are so sick and tired constantly. Everything is an effort. Finding help is a major cause of stress too. So when I finally found some solutions to help my asthma that actually worked and, made a REAL difference, I was overwhelmed with happiness; I felt this huge weight lift off my shoulders and I finally realised I could live a fairly healthy normal life, despite having asthma.”

“We are a community at tac. We are also a MOVEMENT for living a healthy life with Asthma.”


Conscious healing

Conscious healing

Conscious healing is when you truly “decide” to put your health first. That means you “decide” to do everything you...

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