Conscious healing

Conscious healing is when you truly “decide” to put your health first. That means you “decide” to do everything you can to heal your body and be the healthiest you can be. Join tac. in making the most important mental decision in moving forward to improve your health.


Valentine’s journey from an extremely sick asthmatic to a consciously healthy person living with asthma evolved over the course of her illness. There are three major factors that assisted in her recovery. She would like to share these with you as these three principles now guide her daily decisions and lifestyle and have aided her on her road to better health and better living. These factors are Conscious Consumption, Conscious Healing & Conscious Learning.

Conscious Healing is when you truly “decide” to put your health first. That means you “decide” to do everything you can to heal your body and be the healthiest you can be. Making that mental decision is a truly important step in moving forward. You need to “commit” to making yourself healthier because it does take commitment and effort.

We all know that asthma is an incurable disease – and for those with severe asthma into adulthood, chances are you are not going to grow out of it. Most asthmatics just learn to live with it by taking their regular medication and sticking to their asthma plans. But for many, their quality of daily life is severely impacted and/or compromised.

Valentine’s journey took her to see a range of Doctors. She learnt this along the way:

Western Medicine – is absolutely essential for keeping asthma under control and for treating asthma attacks and flair-ups. For Valentine, her Western medicine – preventer puffers, Ventolin and other medicines such as Pregnisoline for serious asthma attacks – is her essential medicine that keeps her asthma in check when it flairs up. This is her “emergency” medicine kit in that it puts out the “fires” when they occur and keeps her asthma under control.

But whilst her Western medicine is essential it also has side effects. In Valentine’s case, this resulted in a severely suppressed immune system. In her final year of high school, she had over a month off school due to asthma attacks. After each attack, it took her at least 10 days to feel normal again. This cycle played havoc on her ability to lead a semi-normal teenage life.

After she finished high school, she was constantly exhausted and had no energy to do anything, let alone plan her future. So, with the help of her parents, she decided to explore other medical treatments. This lead her to Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She embarked upon an intensive treatment with a Chinese practitioner in Melbourne and remarkably within months of treatment she started achieving fantastic results. She was able to reduce her daily intake of steroid preventer, and her frequency of asthma events diminished greatly. Instead of waking up with asthma most mornings, she woke up most mornings breathing normally and having asthma occasionally.

Alternative Medicine – encompassing Chinese medicine, acupuncture, diet, exercise and breathing exercises – became Valentine’s new Health bible and Mantra. Just like a car needs tuning and maintaining, Valentine learnt through her experience that Chinese medicine and acupuncture could organically work to heal her underlying health issues, thereby boosting her immune system and overall health. She realized that Chinese Medicine would need to play an essential and long-term role in keeping her healthy.

Whilst there is little synergy between Western and Eastern Medicine in Australia, there is no doubt that both have their place but work in different ways to treat different issues and achieve different results. In Valentine’s experience both are important but it was the Chinese medicine that made a huge difference to her overall health and gave her hope that her asthma would not impede her on her life’s journey to living a healthy life. (Disclaimer: again what works for Valentine may not work for you, so please ensure you seek your own independent medical advice).