Here at tac. we seek to inspire you to become a Healthy Asthmatic. One of our steps to maintain a healthy body is to nurture a healthy mindset. With today’s technology and demands we know it can be difficult to unplug and centre yourself in the moment, that’s why we’ve come up with some simple steps to momentarily disconnect from the daily labours of life in order to reconnect with what is right for you and re-link your bond to your inner self. 



1. Technology

As Gen Z’s, at tac. we know better than anyone how hard it can be to silence your inner phone addict. However difficult, it is a necessary feat to release yourself from the exhausting grasp of social media. Starting your day off by prioritising your energy for at least 15 minutes is important to reconnect with the inner you. Rather than mindlessly scrolling through other people’s posts in the morning, take a moment to listen to your body (how is my asthma feeling? Have I had a drink of water yet? What breathing exercises can I do today?) Utilizing the do not disturb option on your phone (even just at night time) will work wonders for your mental health. Trust us, unless you are rushing to the emergency room, life can wait for 15 minutes. 


2. Negative Mindsets

Taking control of unnecessary negative thoughts can flip your mindset and help to silence that nasty inner critic. That’s right, It’s time to release those feelings of comparing, competing and criticizing and replace them with gratitude, admiration and self security. Powering-down can encourage you to remove unhealthy feelings of jealousy, envy, and loneliness. Taking just a quarter of an hour a day to detach from reality can help to block out external or internal negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. Reconnect with your body and heart, let your thoughts and feelings come and go without judgment. Relax and see what your heart has to say. 


3. Connection with Nature

Reevaluate your connection with the earth and use it to centre yourself, whether this be food, exercise or just fresh air. The body and mind are dependent on one another, In order to have positive mental health it is so important to move, stretch and use your body. Take a look at our delicious recipes on FLOW to maintain a healthy, asthma friendly diet. Try grounding yourself by taking a walk without headphones and listening to the sounds of nature, reconnect with gaia. Whilst walking try to listen to the beat of your heart or practice guided meditations. Make sure that you are disconnecting in a space that is safe for your asthma, always carrying your asthma puffer or medication and be aware of your surroundings. In a non-emergency event, before taking your medication, slow down your breathing and practice breathing techniques (no hyperventilating, that will only make your asthma worse). Sometimes your emotions can have asthma too! 


4. Engage your inner creator

Activating the creative part in your brain (no matter how good you are at it) can help to open up a closed mind. Research has shown that creative practices can increase efficiency and help to develop new problem solving solutions in the brain, much needed in every day work and activity. Try channelling your emotions through art; as said best by Valentine, founder of tac. “A healthy asthmatic is one with a clear mind”.


5. Re-evaluate relationships

Sit back and think about the connections you have in your life, reevaluating relationships that no longer positively serve you. Try not to overcommit your time to meaningless things that will not matter to you in the long run. Find empowerment in setting clear boundaries with yourself and others and learn when to pull away from other people’s drama. At tac. We live by the 5 by 5 rule “If it wont bother you in 5 years, don’t let it bother you for 5 minutes”, your energy is precious and not to be wasted on just anything or anyone. 


6. ‘Self Renovation’

We hope these tricks to ATtacK your Asthma can inspire you to become a Healthier Asthmatic. After disconnecting, allow yourself some time to reflect and reconnect with what truly aligns with you. List the things that make you happy and allow more time to focus on them.

  • Slow down, do things with purpose and awareness and take time to nurture and enjoy close relationships.
  • Prioritise moments with family or loved ones (begin to differentiate what is truly important to you and what is not).
  • Begin daily meditation mixed with regular breathing exercises; find a relaxation podcast that helps you slow down your breaths. This will allow you to build lung stregnth and regulate your breathing on YOUR TERMS.“I find breathing as an Asthmatic very stressful and at times traumatic. Whenever l used to focus on my breathing (even at times when l didn’t have asthma symptoms) l began to hyperventilate or try and over think my breaths. Listening to ‘breathing mediation’ focused videos, helped me focus on my breaths and taught me how to control my breathing. More importantly it decreased my anxiety and processes of ‘overthinking’ when l indeed was having an Asthma episode; keeping me more calm, and allowing me to truely listen to my body in that time of emergency. This is and was so important when communicating with medical professionals about my Asthma. Till this day l continue to following ‘breathing practises’ in my daily exercises such as pilates to continually reset my mind and body in regaining my confidence to take deep strong breaths”  says tac. founder Valentine. 
  • Journaling can help let go of and process unhealed wounds and help you cope with the stresses of being an asthmatic as well as aiding you to keep track of your Asthma episodes.
  • Take a moment to reflect on past achievements no matter how big or small and allow a moment to be proud of yourself, sit in it and own it!.


You have come a long way (especially as an Asthmatic), there will always be room for change and growth… you are only human. Even more importantly, with small steps everyone can become a Healthy Asthmatic, even YOU!