How l transformed into a Healthy Asthmatic with Chinese Medicine

“Eastern Chinese Herbal Medicine was at the core of my  healing journey” – here’s how: 

Written statement by tac. founder, Valentine:

“In the beginning of my comprehensive wellness plan in becoming a Healthy Asthmatic, Chinese herbal medicine was at the core of my healing journey. 12 months ago in 2020, after being admitted into hospital once again after suffering from another Asthmatic attack, l had had enough. My overall health was depleted, l was constantly exhausted, always getting ‘sick’ with bronchitis, facing daily side effects from regularly 2x twice a day taking my steroid medication and after over a decade of learning & staying away from triggers, l still had severe asthma. 

Since ‘getting’ asthma over a decade ago, l have been to chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths, chinese medicine doctors, allergy testing through individual clinics and at hospitals, dietitians.. You name it, l did it. I had strict diets, did ample different types of exercises, but nothing seemed to set a routine that calmed my body and subsided my daily asthma symptoms. As mentioned, l had previously tried Chinese medicine. At the time l was quite young (around the age 13) and sticking to regular appointments, taking ‘revolting’ tasting herbs and seeing no results, l had enough relatively quickly. 

Skip ahead to 2020, l am 18. With luck l found the most incredible Chinese medicine doctor. Dr Scott Ling at Sustain Health Clinic, Melbourne, Australia. In the first appointment l relayed over a decade of health information, specifically to my Asthma and Allergies. Straight away Dr Ling decided on a plan to a hopeful healing recovery, not only for my body but my mind. 

For the initial month, it was an intensive 3 acupuncture appointments a week, no herbs. From then, l had 2 acupuncture appointments every week for 1-2 months then dropped down to one appointment a week. In the second month of treatments l began taking chinese herbs, made specific to me in the Sustain Health clinic. This comes in a powder form, then put into a sachet to tear open; I have one tea morning and night (2 a day). 

Immediately l began seeing results, less exhaustion, less of my allergies (with foods, seasons & random triggers such as air, pollens, dust, etc, l had less of those ‘side effects’ and overall felt like a happier, less anxious, stressed me –  most importantly my asthma symptoms and side effects were dramatically lessening. I continue to see Dr Ling, 12 months later – with monthly acupuncture appointments to help my asthma, and still taking his teas 2x a day. I share alot of our appointments on our Instagram, taking our audience through a full treatment! (check out our IG @theasthmacollective)

I could go on and on about Chinese medicine but here are my results: 

  • I haven’t taken my ‘daily steroid puffer, 2x twice a day’ symbicort in 4 months.
  • I rarely, if barely, have asthma (only when eating trigger foods l know will cause such as Ice cream) or in a random attack. 
  • I haven’t been to the hospital for asthma since my attack in 2020. 
  • I don’t have asthma everyday or side effect symptoms.
  • My food allergies are now rare, if so l ‘take a tea’ and immediately feel relief (if worsens take telfast and go to my anaphylaxis plan). 
  • I haven’t been ‘sick’ since 2020 – and have not had bronchitis, (which l used to get at least 4-5x a year due to a depleted system). 
  • I now live a very healthy normal life, as a Healthy Asthmatic.” 

    In saying so, l am not cured. There is no cure for Asthma (yet). I take my ventolin steroid puffer, telfast and epipen with me everywhere l go, always in my bag. I update my action plans for both asthma and allergies yearly – continuing to check in with my GP when needed for my Asthma.  I will always prepare myself for the worst even when l am the healthiest l’ve ever been. This is to ensure my safety – and provide me comfort. 

    I also have both a Western and Eastern doctor. Having a Western Asthma specialist at Monash Hospital Melbourne, and my Eastern Chinese medicine specialist being Dr Scott Ling at Sustain Health. I have the utmost respect for the Western medicine system and would not be alive without its medication. Fortunately to my discovery, l can only say that Eastern medicine has completely changed my life, my asthma, my allergies and my daily routines – for the better. It’s the medicine l have seen the most results with, that being life changing. I can genuinely say, l never thought l would ever ever, everrr have this freedom with my asthma. From once a medication dependent, ill, severe asthma to now discovering the healthy, ME. 

    (quick sidenote; do your research! If one Chinese doctor does not work, try another! Just as l did. Like anything or anyone, it takes a few times to perfect a skill, let alone a connection or results with one doctor. Be spiritually, mindfully and bodily open to the newness of this world. One thing l’ve learnt is this type of ‘medication’ being eastern, is body AND mind. Acupuncture and herbs can do you great justice. But whilst lying in your acupuncture appointment, delve into the feeling of those pins transfering the healing waves across your nerves. Keep calm and breathe. You will leave the appointment with a sense of peace, which after the emotionally battling illness of Asthma – trust me, you’ll feel it and you’ll need it). 

    I emplor all asthmatics and people with anaphylaxis / allergies to delve into Chinese medicine for themselves. Be open, be curious, be intelligent about the possibilities for results. You will only feel enlightened and have a feeling of a healthier you – hopefully one day, a Healthy Asthmatic. 

    I wish you all the best of luck. Valentine xx”