Luxury at tac.

THE ASTHMA COLLECTIVES’ main goal is to create luxury, bespoke chic accessories for the asthma community. A more practical, classy case to carry and protect items like the boring blue puffer.

What is luxury?

When Founder, Valentine Mirzayantz, created The Asthma Collective it was founded upon a desire to inspire fellow asthmatics to feel happier and healthier. Her mission was to create a community – and a MOVEMENT – to share and exchange knowledge so that all asthmatics could lead a healthier life with Asthma!

Second, to this, Valentine’s goal was to create a small boutique LUXURIOUS range of products for The Asthma Community – to elevate the traditionally “medicalised” – and often unattractive – asthma products into an aesthetically pleasing range to suit the modern lifestyle of all Asthma sufferers. She created the world’s first personalised Vegan Leather Asthma SKIN to hold Asthma puffers that can be easily attached to school bags, clothing or handbags. THE ASTHMA COLLECTIVES’ (tac.) store also offers a beautiful range of medical jewellery.

So, What is Luxury? Luxury is People first, Health first, Community first, then.. beautiful Luxurious Asthma & Allergy accessories, made by tac.