Sustainability at tac.

Sustainability and simplicity matters at THE ASTHMA COLLECTIVE; with our core goal to protect and care for our asthma community, as well as our global community.

THE ASTHMA COLLECTIVE (tac.) is committed to making the world a healthier, cleaner and safer place for humans and animals to live harmoniously. Integral to this is our belief in creating a boutique collection of products for the Asthma community with a focus on sustainable materials and production techniques. tac. created and developed the first vegan leather personalised Asthma SKIN for Asthma puffers for the worldwide market.

We source vegan leathers to avoid the utilization of animal skins and take care in the design and production of our collection, from the careful selection of raw materials used for fabrication, right through to our selection of packaging. We work with smaller makers that share our values of integrity, kindness, honesty and care for the well-being of all humans.

Our personal and business beliefs are founded on the basic premise that “less is more” – this extends from the foods we eat, the medications we put in our bodies, through to the products and clothing that we purchase on an everyday basis. The way we live our daily lives has a profound, cumulative impact on the outcome of our planet. We take pride in everything we do and run our business with profound gratitude, hope for the future and compassion for others.