In-depth acupuncture treatment for Asthma – Episode 3

Why asthmatics need both an “Eastern” and a “Western” health action plan; Join our Founder Valentine and Dr Scott Ling in our web series interviews – The Healing Treatment Part 3

The differences between “Healing medicine” of the East and “Emergency” medicine of the west – and why asthmatics need BOTH as part of their health action plan.

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Disclaimer: The interviews with Dr Scott Ling and Valentine Mirzayantz are to show Valentine’s own personal journey to better health and are not to be misrepresented as providing any individual medical advice for viewers. If you have asthma and/or allergies, it is important that you seek your own medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner. Asthma is a serious disease and everyone’s asthma is different. What works for Valentine may not work for you, so please seek your own individual help.