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19-year-old chronic Asthma sufferer, Valentine Mirzayantz, is the namesake behind The Asthma Collective – an Australian business that was created to supply the world’s Asthma community with a range of luxurious asthma and allergy accessories.

Valentine, who spent last year’s lockdown building a business to inspire other asthmatics to live their healthiest life – with asthma – suffered for over a decade with chronic asthma, multiple food allergies and anaphylaxis.

Unable to go to university due to constant lockdowns in Melbourne, the young Australian launched the online business with the aim of inspiring other sufferers.

“2020 was a complete reset for my body and mind,” says Valentine, “it gave me the space to concentrate on my health and truly think about my future and reflect upon how I can live my healthiest life as an asthmatic and inspire others to do so.”

“My over-riding goal is to help empower other sufferers to lead a healthy life- with asthma,” she adds. “I learnt so much on my journey to better health that I wanted to create a strong, loud and more modern voice about asthma to help inspire others to start their own wellness journey.” The brand currently offers a collection of vegan asthma “skins” and “zip pouches” that provide the ultimate protection for Ventolins or steroid puffers.

“I was constantly mortified having to use my Ventolin in front of other kids. Kids often made fun of me at school and, as a young adult, I was always so embarrassed to use my Ventolin in public. I carried my EpiPen and Ventolin in my pocket throughout my whole school life – in pencil cases and in folders,” says Valentine. “The reality of being an asthmatic is having a handful of Ventolins everywhere you go – one in the car, one in the schoolbag, one in your handbag, one in the medical box… the list goes on. It can be extremely frustrating losing a lifesaving product – especially if you’re like me who carries three at a time.”

As well as the pouches, The Asthma Collective also offers a range of medical ID jewellery, including 18k Gold Vermeil jewels that can be engraved with a specific allergy condition.